Initial design

Design and  manufacture of plastic drone parts such as size, multi-arms and payloads as well as the assembling process.

Electronic components

Installing and debugging the electrical and avionics elements, the FPV system, emitter and receiver (TFT LCD screen), the remote control.


Configuring all these elements ensuring an optimal performance, as well as drone certification and patent management. We will also manage the after-sales service.


A multipurpose modular drone via the FDM additive manufacturing process

As a solution we offer a Remotely Aircraft System, which provides a flexible, fast and reliable response. The product marketed includes the aircraft, its carrying briefcase, the payload chosen by the customer, the software installed and all other devices necessary for the immediate use by the client.

Our drone has all the necessary for a minimum RPAS configuration for first responders: 

  • Reliable platform with redundant system.
  • GPS and GLONNAS systems.
  • Integrated camera systems, preferably modular, with live downstream capabilities in HD format. Video FPV (First Person View).
  • Ability to fly in moderate winds and light rain.